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Shooting Victim Arrested, Rikers Medical “Professionals” Botch the Treatment

Consider this an NYPD and DOC malfeasance twofer.  A tag team of incompetence and disrespect.

Emmanuel Durand is a good kid, smart, personable, together. can you get ivermectin over the counter in ontario canada  He’s never been in trouble with the law.  One evening he’s hanging out with friends in his old neighborhood in Brooklyn.  He moved with his parents to a lower crime and mayhem neighborhood the year before, but every now and then he liked to go and hang out with a few friends he left behind.

Three of them were hanging out at an informal community center for kids. topical ivermectin human round roundworm  A local woman who owned a restaurant would open the back room for kids where they could hang out and play video games and the like, rather than hanging out on the streets.  The three boys left the center to buy some snacks at a store across the street, when some older men held them at gunpoint to rob them.  They all ran in a panic and Durand was shot and struck in the elbow by one of the would be robbers.

Needing help, he managed to fiddle his cell phone out of his pocket and call 911.  The police arrived first.  Rather than treating him, or at least stabilizing him, they began to aggressively question and search him, as if he was the perp and not the victim. راهن على كرة القدم  You see, as a young black man whose been shot, he was immediately a gang banger suspect.  Finding nothing, he was transported to Kings County Hospital for treatment.

His parents met him at the hospital, and after spending some time and being assured by medical staff that he would be held overnight, they left expecting to return in the morning.  He was scheduled to undergo surgery the next day to try to put back together his shattered elbow.  However, when they returned early the next morning, Emmanuel was gone.  The police apparently had waited for the parents to leave, handcuffed Emmanuel and forcibly removed him from the hospital in his hospital gown.  The medical staff protested, noting that it was critical to his long term recovery that the elbow, now in a splint, remain stable.  Nevertheless, they took him to the precinct,  for a new round of aggressive interrogation.

The 67th Precinct cops falsely charged him with weapons possession and put him through the system.  This boy, who had just been shot through the elbow, was kept in a cell at the precinct and then painfully transported to Central booking, where he was subjected to more jostling and movement of his shattered bones. اربح does ivermectin cause liver damage in humans  He was remanded to Rikers Island.

There he was seen by the caring medical staff of Prisoner Health Services, the corporation that has the lucrative contract to provide health “care” to New York City inmates and detainees.  Against the instructions of his Kings County doctors and his protestations, they removed the splint that was holding the shattered and splintered bones in his elbow together. لعبة البلاك جاك  Emmanuel describes it this way: “my elbow just sort of fell like a noodle.”

His parents finally found him and bailed him out 2 days after he was shot.  Four days later he appeared before a Grand Jury, who dismissed the false charges against him.  But the damage was done.  Emmanuel is doing much better now, but his elbow, which had a chance of returning to normal, will never be 100%.  Another job well done by New York’s Finest at the 67th Precinct.

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