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No matter the type of issue you face, you deserve legal representation from a firm whose lawyers go all out to achieve the best possible results and who have a track record to prove it.

The lawyers at the Brooklyn law firm of Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP, have handled thousands of cases. We’ve defended people against criminal charges such as drug possession and drug trafficking, burglary and armed robbery, DWI, manslaughter, domestic violence, sex crimes and assault. We have a significant record of success handling civil rights claims resulting from police misconduct, police brutality, use of excessive force and unlawful search.

We are vigorous advocates in court, helping to level the playing field by providing aggressive and high-quality representation to our clients. When you are in for a fight, get an experienced trial lawyer on your side. Contact the law office of Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP, online or call 718-852-3710.

Criminal Defense

We defend people in New York state and U.S. federal courts, against a wide range of criminal charges, as well as probation violations.

  • Drug charges: From simple possession to distribution and manufacturing, our defense lawyers fight for people picked up for illegal drugs or illegal possession of prescription drugs.
  • Assault and violent crimes: We handle cases involving domestic violence, aggravated assault, armed robbery, gun crimes and weapons offenses, all the way to vehicular homicide and murder.
  • Sex offenses: Our Brooklyn, New York, sexual assault lawyers defend people charged with sexual assault, rape, molestation and other sex crimes.
  • Theft allegations: Whether you’ve been charged with shoplifting, robbery, burglary or a fraud crime like welfare fraud, Social Security fraud, credit card fraud or insurance fraud our New York theft crimes attorney will provide a strong defense.
  • DWI: We work to protect your driver’s license and your record, handling cases from first offense DWI and underage drinking to felony drunk driving.
  • Juvenile crimes: We work in both the juvenile justice system and the adult system to help young people charged with crimes.
  • Criminal appeals

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