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Client Testimonials

About Nicole Bellina

“I highly recommend Nicole Bellina. She is smart, experienced, and compassionate. She always takes the initiative to follow up every interaction without having to be prompted. I would definitely take advantage of her expertise again, although I hope I don’t have to.” read more about Nicole Bellina

About Andrew Stoll

“Andrew Stoll is an exceptional attorney. Mr. Stoll has the rare capacity to connect with a person immediately and make him feel comfortabe. He is extremely compassionate as well as knowledgeable. I was appprehensive about the situation I found myself in but Mr. Stoll explained the process completely and made me feel at ease. When the D.A. tried to drag out my case Mr. Stoll made some very persuasive arguments with the Judge. As a result the Judge kept the D.A. on point. Because of Mr. Stoll’s efforts my case was dismissed. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Stoll and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.” read more about Andrew Stoll

“I knew I was in good hands with Mr. Stoll and in the end he definitely earned every penny and saw to it that I was taken care of and that the outcome was positive. I am now a free man because of his hard work and diligence as a lawyer and as a human being. Mr. Stoll, hats off to you!” read more about Andrew Stoll

“I had two previous lawyers working on my case in where I was absolutely dissatisfied with their services. Andrew was my third lawyer and turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life ! I use to think that every lawyer was to occupied and that lawyers did not really care about the case or the person involving the case, until I met Andrew ! He is a very motivated and compassionate lawyer, he truly cares about his clients and wants and SEEKS the best for them. Very punctual when it comes to meetings, and is always reachable by phone.” read more about Andrew Stoll

“Prior to this ordeal I did not think I would ever need a lawyer. A public defender had recommended Andrew to me. For the duration of the judiciary process Andrew was both trustworthy and professional. He made this ordeal as painless as possible and assured me that he would do his best to achieve the best result. He was exceedingly creative in my case and found a way to convince the prosecutor to weigh in my favor resulting in an ACD. He is a great lawyer whom I would strongly recommend to anyone.” read more about Andrew Stoll

About Leo Glickman

“I was introduced to these great attorneys for civil rights violation cases named Andrew Stoll and Leo Glickman. Once I spoke to them I felt a sense of comfort because these were people that let you know that all the things that are done to you aren’t always right and if you feel that your rights are violated you should speak about it.” read more about Leo Glickman