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Were You the Victim of False Arrest?

A police officer cannot arrest you unless there is a warrant for your arrest or the officer had probable cause to believe you committed a crime. If you have been arrested without a warrant and without probable cause, your civil rights may have been violated and you may have a lawsuit against the cop.

If a police officer has detained you, even for a short time, you have been arrested. Even if the officer holds you on the street for a few minutes without probable cause and then releases you, you may have a false arrest lawsuit. Of course, if you are taken to the precinct without a warrant or probable cause, “booked,” and sent to Central Booking to see a judge, you may have a false arrest claim. But you may also have a false arrest claim if you are:

  • Detained by cops and released without going to the precinct;
  • Taken to the precinct and released from the precinct; or
  • Taken to Central Booking and released without charges before you see a judge.

Know your rights — enforce your rights!

Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP has successfully pursued many claims of false arrest by the NYPD. To have a valid claim for false arrest, you must have received a “favorable disposition” of your criminal case. That is, the criminal case (or summons or desk appearance ticket) must have been dismissed or you must have been found not guilty. Also, in New York federal courts, acceptance of an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (“ACD”) preserves your claim for false arrest. If any of these occurred in your case, you may be able to sue for false arrest.

If you’ve been falsely arrested, your civil rights have been violated. You can make a complaint to the Civilian Complaint Review Board (“CCRB”) and Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP can enforce your rights in court.