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Brooklyn Heroin Attorney

Heroin remains the drug that New York authorities tend to take more seriously than most any other. This is probably based on a combination of the power of its physically addictive effects with the fact that it’s a street drug, without the fiction of legitimacy that prescription pills with the same effects have.

A heroin arrest can significantly impact your life right away, without even a conviction. It can have consequences on your career, your education, your immigration status, your housing, and your personal life. At Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP, we can help you fight your case, and navigate all the uncertain consequences of even a relatively minor heroin arrest.

And if there’s one upside to catching a heroin case, as opposed to another drug, authorities tend to believe more readily that heroin crimes are driven by physical addiction, making the defendant a candidate for drug diversion programs, instead of jail.

Heroin Possession

If you’re arrested for heroin possession, an important factor in the severity of the case is the quantity of heroin recovered. Even a small amount of heroin, however, can result in consequences on virtually every aspect of your life. It is not uncommon for police to arrest everyone in a car when they find one bag of heroin on a person. Likewise, it’s not uncommon for them to arrest everyone in a house where a single small stash was found in someone’s bedroom. Our strong civil rights practice also means we’re ideally qualified to precisely evaluate the search and seizure issues in your case. If heroin was recovered in a bad search or seizure, we can help you fight to “suppress” the results of the unlawful search.

Of course, if you’ve been arrested with a significant quantity of heroin, the cops and prosecutors are going to be more aggressive about prosecuting you. We will be by your side every step of the way to aggressively fight back. We know all the ins and outs of how the cops are supposed to operate, and we know how they actually operate in the streets. See our results page to review some of the wins we’ve obtained for clients. We’ve handled many, many buy and bust cases, and many street seizures, car stops, and search warrant cases. Put our experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to work for you.

Heroin Sales

Sale cases ordinarily stem from either an “observation sale” or a “buy and bust”. We know the ins and outs of each one- we know about viewing posts, and buy money, kels and ghosts, undercovers and backup teams. We know the street terms, we know the “cop speak”, and we know the court lingo. If you’re charged with a heroin sale, there is no better team to have by your side than our lawyers. We will break the case down piece by piece, and work for you to absolutely dismantle it. Our strong civil rights practice means we likely have a deep insight into the particular team of cops involved in your case, including any track record of civil rights violations. We love this work, and we can put our enthusiasm to work for you. View our track record for some of our wins in heroin cases.

Drug Counseling and Programs

In New York, there are often opportunities for criminal defendants to participate in a drug program instead of being prosecuted, if their alleged criminal behavior was motivated by drug use. At Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP we are very familiar with the different treatment courts and alternatives. Copping out to participate in a program may very well be an effective and advisable way to get rid of a case. On the other hand, it may expose a defendant to even more jail time, and may not be advisable when the case against a defendant is weak. We help our clients evaluate all their options, and then back them up 100% no matter what road they choose to take.