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Have You Been the Victim of Police Brutality?

The firm of Stoll, Glickman & Bellina is at the forefront of policing issues and civil litigation in New York City. It is not a police officer’s job to mete out punishment on the street. It is his or her job to apprehend law breakers and allow the justice system to decide on the punishment. Whether or not you are guilty of a crime, police officers do not have the right to use excessive force against you.

The police cannot use more than the reasonable amount of force necessary to make a lawful arrest. Police officers cannot use force against a person who complies with their orders. Cops cannot use force against you simply because you have challenged their authority, “mouthed off” to them, or insulted them. Once in handcuffs, the police cannot hit you, kick you or use a weapon against you. If you’ve been injured because of an unwarranted beating by a cop, your civil rights have been violated.

Although it’s been slow to arrive in New York, tasers are now being used by NYPD. While there are guidelines the police are supposed to follow when deciding to use a taser, New York has already seen injuries and deaths:

  • A young person was tasered in an unsafe location, fell off a roof and died.
  • A person who was already in handcuffs was tasered by the police — a clear violation of guidelines and use of unnecessary force.

Tasers have caused heart attacks, broken bones and lasting neurological damage in people across the country. Tasers are not harmless; they are dangerous weapons. If you were tasered, contact Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP.

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