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Date:February 17, 2017

Queens South Detectives arrested after false arrests from Brownsville to Washington Heights

Partner Nicole Bellina represented a Brownsville, Brooklyn man arrested on a false gun charge, in his claim against two Gang Squad officers. The two NYPD Detectives were also named in other law suits from Washington Heights to Jamaica, Queens to East New York.

Nicole Bellina contends that the failure by the City’s Law Department and the NYPD to track civil rights lawsuits against police officers, nullifies their potential deterrent value, and that the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) and NYPD Internal Affairs’ complaint system allow too much opportunity for the police department to avoid punishing bad officers. “As a result, the NYPD does not learn of potential problem officers, fails to take curative action, and not infrequently fosters a situation in which an officer will engage in another act of violation, resulting in harm to another person and further damages from the City.”

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