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Laquan McDonald

Last night the City of Chicago released a video showing a Chicago Police Officer, Jason Van Dyke, murdering a 17 year old — a child — Laquan McDonald.  I will not even indulge a break down of the video because there is simply no other conclusion to draw other than this: The boy was murdered by a cop.  Period.  If anyone tells you that you should wait for the investigation of for all the facts to come out, it’s because they simply can’t acknowledge the truth that sometimes cops murder. zaklady bukmacherskie duda trzaskowski  Sometimes the police are perpetrators of crime.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has put forth the bad apple narrative.  A few bad apples doesn’t mean the whole peck is spoiled, the story goes. Mayor Emanuel’s response is entirely besides the point — and designed to divert you from the bigger issue.  Every responsible human being understands that in any large group there will be people prone to commit bad acts, cops included.  Unfortunately as an imperfect human race we have to live with that.

But we can also try to minimize the harm such people cause.  This is where the Mayor and the Chicago Police Commissioner fall woefully short. ربح الاموال  The bad apple canard is a ruse to cover up the root of the problem… the cover up.  And this is what I want to break down, the cover up.  Here’s just a few things we know:

  1.  After Laquan McDonald was killed, the police officials reported that 1 shot was fired.  That’s not true of course, 16 shots were fired.
  2. Police officials said he was hit with one bullet to the chest. In other words, the planned narrative was that he was “confronting” officers. sts zakłady online  That’s not true, he was hit with multiple bullets throughout his body, including his head, his back and the back of his arms and legs. gry kasyno hot spot za darmo
  3. Police officials said that McDonald “lunged” at them . We can see with our own eyes, that’s simply not true.
  4. The City settled the case with McDonald’s family before a lawsuit was filed for million. العاب اندرويد  Why?  Because if the filed the lawsuit, the video would become public record. That $5 million of taxpayer money was hush money, for real.
  5. Police go to a nearby Burger King with surveillance cameras, and the walk out and the key minutes of the killing are missing. العاب الربح من الانترنت
  6. Witnesses are shooed away by cops, under threat of arrest.
  7. The pre-arraignment investigation takes THIRTEEN MONTHS! I defy you to find an incident involving a cop being shot that took more than 48 hours from capture to arraignment.
  8. And the coup de grace for me, the indication that this particular cover up goes all the way to the top, was Mayor Emmanuel’s claim that he “didn’t see the video”.

I am glad Officer Van Dyke has been arrested and charged.  What we don’t know is what the police officers on the scene told investigators, how it came to be that police officials reported one shot to the chest, and what the brass were doing to assist in the cover up.  Since Rahm Emanuel was Obama’s first Chief of Staff, we can’t expect the feds to be objective here.  If any incident cries out for protest, every day, it’s this one.



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