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Chain Gangs for the Innocent

On Saturday, The Daily News covered our lawsuit being filed today, on behalf of people essentially coerced into working for the City for free as a condition of an “ACD”, or Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal.  We’re very excited about this suit, as it is on behalf of people who are not convicted of anything, and have pled guilty to nothing, yet the city squeezes free labor out of them so they don’t have to spend a year and a half coming back and forth to court to prove their innocence.

Here’s the Daily News article- we’ll get the complaint posted as soon as it gets filed.

The free labor is not only exploitative, but it suppresses wages and reduces the bargaining power of unions across the city.



Andrew Stoll is a New York City Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and Employee Lawyer. He is the founding partner of Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP, a Brooklyn based law firm dedicated to empowering the exploited. Stoll is an adjunct law professor at Seton Hall Law School, sits on the Corrections Committee of the New York City Bar Association, and is a member of the National Police Accountability Project.