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A Slippery Slope…

So we lawyer folk have a phrase for rulings that can be extended into unintended or absurd consequences- “a slippery slope”.  And not that they’re in the same jurisdiction, but it was a quick jump from a ruling permitting the police Tasering of an emotionally disturbed person who was already strapped involuntarily to a chair:

to a Grand Jury giving the “thumbs up” (no doubt with the guidance of the district attorney) to the police shooting and killing of a double amputee in a wheelchair wielding a pen:

Next thing you know, they’ll be allowing officials to administer lethal injections into individuals strapped involuntarily to a gurney.  Oh, wait…





Andrew Stoll is a New York City Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and Employee Lawyer. He is the founding partner of Stoll, Glickman & Bellina, LLP, a Brooklyn based law firm dedicated to empowering the exploited. Stoll is an adjunct law professor at Seton Hall Law School, sits on the Corrections Committee of the New York City Bar Association, and is a member of the National Police Accountability Project.

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