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Wrongful Termination: How to Respond Appropriately to Your Employer and Secure a Severance Payment

Our employment litigation practice receives inquiries from employees seeking representation or consultation from locations across New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.   There is no real pattern to where our clients come from.  There is one notable exception; a significant number
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Merry Christmas! You’re Fired

I’d tell you that your job is safe over the holidays because of good will towards men, etc., but I’d be lying.  Since most companies have a fiscal year which runs from September to September, decisions regarding staffing for the next fiscal year are usually made in the lat
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Overtime Pay in Brooklyn and Off the Clock Work

When was the last time you looked at your pay stub?  If you’re like me, you trust your employer and assume that you are getting paid correctly every week without having to review your pay stub.  However, if you are like many of my unlucky clients, you have your pay stubs organiz
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Three Steps to Getting Your Accrued Vacation Time Paid to You After You’re Gone

The two most common inquiries I get as an employment lawyer are, “How do I get my unemployment if I did (insert horrible act) at work and got fired?” and “How do I get my employer to pay out my accrued and unused vacation time?”  I have never once answered the first question to anyone
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Why We Still Can’t Wait: The Living Tradition of the Civil Rights Movement

Welcome to the inaugural post in our new Employment and Workplace Justice Practice Blog.  If you are here, you are likely searching for wisdom on how to handle discrimination or other unlawful conduct in the workplace.  You’ve come to the right place!  Let’s start with the
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Employment Law Blog Posts

The new Stoll Glickman Employment Law Blog will be here soon. Please come back to see our future posts.
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